What Netflix (And Judaism) Can Teach You About Life

“It’s late at night and you start browsing Netflix, looking for something to watch. You scroll through different titles, you even read a few reviews, but you just can’t commit to watching any given movie. Suddenly it’s been 30 minutes, and you’re still stuck on infinite browsing mode, so you just give up. You’re too […]

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How I Got Myself To Stop Overindulging In Sweets

On Thursday morning I woke up to find my danish – the one that was meant to be my breakfast danish – sitting at the top of the nearly-overflowing kitchen garbage can. My initial disappointment in seeing it there was quickly curbed by the fact that I knew I pretty much deserved it. See – I’ve been eating a lot of […]

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I Couldn’t Believe How My Husband Responded When I Corrected Him

My husband is one of the most incredible sleepers I have ever known. He really is. And sleeping well is a wonderful thing, unless of course you’re the wife of an incredible sleeper and your husband keeps falling asleep and staying asleep on couches, chairs, and various other non-bed accoutrements, as opposed to going to […]

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What The Broken Tablets Can Teach Us About Coping With Loss

One of the most dramatic scenes in the Torah is when Moses descends Mount Sinai and sees the Jewish people dancing around the golden calf. Moses takes the two divinely-inscribed tablets he is holding in his hands and thrusts them to ground, shattering them. Whatever became of the tablets smashed by Moses? The Talmud in […]

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How To Love Your Political Opponent As You Love Yourself

“Love your neighbor as you love yourself,” the foundation of Judaism and the basis of the Golden Rule is not too hard to imagine in a vacuum or even in real life if you’re neighbor’s a nice guy. But what if your neighbor is your political opponent? How could could you possibly love your political […]

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