Broken Can Be Fixed

Rebbe Nachman taught, “If you believe that it is possible to destroy, believe that it is possible to fix.” Tikun works behind the scenes with communal leaders and organizations to alleviate the issues in schools and homes that push people out of the community and destroy our good name.

What Is Tikun?

What Is Tikun?

In 2015 we began a grassroots initiative to address unhealthy upbringings and systemic issues within the Orthodox community. It became clear through our work at Makom that we needed to further expand and partner with communal leaders and organizations to diminish the frequency of problems arising from within the Orthodox community and schools. These projects became the Tikun branch. Tikun repairs systemic issues  within the Orthodox Jewish community to prevent Jews from being displaced and negative media from being created. Out of respect and privacy to those involved, the majority of our efforts cannot be publicized, but are broken down into school issues, home issues and issues in both school and home. JITC continues to leverage efforts from the Keter and Makom branches making Tikun an essential part of generational change, with the understanding that if something is broken, it can be fixed.

Why Tikun Matters

Why Tikun Matters

  • Prevents Jews from getting hurt from abusive religious figures and misguided teachings
  • Prevents Jews from resenting Judaism and instead spreading love and pride
  • Prevents Jews from wanting to leave observance
  • Prevents chillul Hashem
Tikun's Programs

Tikun's Programs

  • School issues (toolkit to create transparency in all schools)
  • Home issues (improving kallah classes)
  • Communal issues (addressing the agunah crisis)

Tikun is the final angle of the crown – it’s the underside of the crown and the underbelly of the community, which is cracked. But broken can be fixed. As Tikun succeeds in its work, it helps Keter and Makom require less work when coming to those branches.

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