Is It Wrong to Enjoy Life During The Three Weeks?

Dear Jew in the City, When the Three Weeks approach, I used to become fearful and extra cautious. Do we believe that we’re less protected during this time? While I recognize the customs that make things more solemn, I want to carry on and enjoy life as much as possible. Is it wrong to seek […]

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Immersing In A Pool of Tears For My Sisters In Israel

I was greatly affected during my recent visit to the mikvah as I thought of the horrors endured by women and hostages since October 7th. I packed my bag and drove to the mikvah. Then I was led to my private preparation room to bathe and prepare. I felt as though a mountain was on […]

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Does Freeing Hostages Take Precedence Over Other Mitzvot?

Dear Jew in the City, Are there specific circumstances under which the mitzvah of freeing hostages takes precedence over other mitzvot? Sincerely, Aaron Dear Aaron, Thanks for your question. You want to know if the mitzvah of freeing hostages ever takes priority? It almost always takes priority! The story of pidyon shvuyim (the mitzvah of […]

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Pogrom In Pico Robertson: How Bad Does It Have To Get?

This past Sunday, a pogrom occurred in Los Angeles, when an Israeli real estate event scheduled at Adas Torah (a local synagogue in the Orthodox neighborhood of Pico Robertson) had Hamas supporters come to the streets trying to stop it. They were masked in keffiyehs and armed with bear spears. At least one Jewish man […]

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