How Does Judaism View Collateral Damage In War?

Dear Jew in the City, Hamas embeds terrorists with children and hospitals. It is such a cynical approach to take with their own citizens. When Israel sends in troops to carefully excise the terrorists, the danger for Israelis is higher. When Israel bombs the area from a safe distance, the collateral damage on Arab civilians […]

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Does Making Aliyah Bring Moshiach?

Dear Jew in the City- Are all Jews meant to be in Israel right now, or in general before Moshiach comes? And if we are, is that said to make his arrival come faster? – Eden Dear Eden, Thanks for your question. For an answer, I’m going to give a qualified “no.”  The concept you’re […]

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Why Are Some Orthodox Communities So Insular?

Dear Jew in the City, Some Orthodox communities live very separately from the rest of the world. Is this based on any laws? Thanks, Abbey Dear Abbey, Thanks for your question. I like the way you asked if doing so is “based on any laws.” To that I would say yes – it’s “based on” […]

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Why Do Jewish Men Wear Tzitzis?

Dear Jew in the City, What are tzitzit and why do Jewish men wear them? Sincerely, Jack Dear Jack, Thanks for your question. Just a heads-up, you said tzitzit, reflecting the Sephardic pronunciation, but I’m going to use tzitzis, à la the Ashkenazic. The answer to your question is fairly straightforward: we wear tzitzis because […]

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