Novels To Read During Novel Coronavirus Lockdown

COVID-19 has changed the face of the world in just a few short weeks, and many forms of entertainment and education have been suspended, changed or cancelled. Books, however, are not only not cancelled, as a business, they are flourishing. Whether you’ve been quarantined, are recovering or are social distancing, your plentiful time spent at […]

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The Orthodox Jewish Female Theater Troupe Taking Israel By Storm

The WIT, Women in Theater troupe is an all-female, theatre company based in Israel which “provides a platform for women who are observant to be able to perform” as stated by the managing director, Ninoska Ravid. She further explains, “our goal is to be able to create quality pieces of quality productions.” Ravid joined in […]

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Meet Shosh Berkowitz - An Orthodox Jewish Female Animator

Meet Shosh Berkowitz – An Orthodox Jewish Female Animator

Kids are often told to dream big when they grow up. Then, once they reach their adolescent years, suddenly they are told to be realistic. Shosh Berkowitz,  found a way to combine her childhood dreams with a practical plan, to becoming an animator. Berkowitz, originally from Indiana, came to New York to study computer animation […]

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