The Motion Picture Academy Museum Erased Jews, So Did The Smithsonian

Editor’s note: Last month, the Motion Picture Academy Museum added an exhibit on the Jewish founders of Hollywood after they had been conspicuously left out at the museum’s founding in 2021. While several reports indicate that the addition of the Jewish exhibit is steeped in antisemitism, Jews being excluded from recent museum exhibits seems to […]

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Was Curb Your Enthusiasm Good Jewish Representation?

Curb Your Enthusiasm just aired its series finale this week, which gives me an opportunity to discuss a question that’s been on my mind for some time: is Larry David’s representation good for the Jews? Let’s start off by stating the positive – the man is hilarious and a comedic genius. I never watched the […]

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Jew in the City Sundance Panels

2024: Sects, Lies and Videotape: Debunking deadly tropes about Jews and Israel in TV, film and media Jewish power and blood libels are millennia old tropes. Jews as “white Europeans” is a neo-Nazi canard that has shockingly been bolstered in Hollywood. This panel will explore the origin, danger, and use of these myths against Jews […]

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I’m Tired of the Leaving Orthodoxy Narrative

At the start of the new year, The New York Times published a piece called, “I Left My Faith. God Didn’t Flinch.” The writer speaks about her journey from a modern orthodox girl to an openly queer nonbinary individual. She journals about the transition and the way Judaism presents in her life today. While I’m […]

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