As seen in:

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Articles Published by Jew in the City

Press about Jew in the City’s Orthodox Jewish All Stars

2013 All Stars

  • 5 Towns Jewish Times: Orthodox All-Stars Shine, by Rochelle Maruch Miller (December 2013)
  • The Jewish Press: The Jew Behind Jew In The City, by Shlomo Greenwald (December 2013)
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  • Baltimore Jewish Times: Jew in the City’s Top 10 Orthodox Jews, by Melissa Gerr (October 2013)
  • The Jewish Press Breaking News: Jew in the City Announces Top 10 Orthodox Jewish All Stars (October 2013)

2012 All Stars

  • Kveller- The Official Mayim Bialik Blog: Orthodox Jewish All Stars, from the Senate to the Stadium, by Mayim Bialik (January 2013)
  • The Wall Street Journal: Hanukkah’s Crafty Days and Crazy Nights, by Marshall Heyman (December 2012)
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  • The Forward: Orthodox Jewish All Stars- The Schmooze, by Renee Ghert-Zand (December 2012)

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