Isolation May Be “The New Normal,” But It Is Not Normal

Contrary to how some have described their somewhat suddenly isolated lives, I can’t possibly accept viewing the current reality as “the new normal.” This is no kind of normal. Recoiling when someone reaches to hand you something, steering your kids across the street to avoid the neighbors, making sure to let the mail sit for […]

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How Social Distancing Can Bring a New Level of Togetherness

With the spread of Coronavirus, we are all being asked to work from home, cancel all mass events, avoid physical contact with others: to separate. As Jews, we know that when we separate, it is in order to reconnect on a deeper, more spiritual level. We distance in order to be able to come together […]

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Over-Sensitivity To Anti-Semitism Hurts More Than It Helps

In the past year, dozens of high profile comments worldwide have been called “anti-Semitic.” While labeling them this way may discourage the speaker from using similar rhetoric in the future, that isn’t always the case. Additionally, not every act of violence, teasing or, hate against Jews is the same in intent or outcome. In the […]

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