16 Protips to Make Family Holiday Travel a Breeze

1. Handle With Care Pack sweaters, shirts, socks, and other soft items in the front zipper compartment. This can help create extra cushioning for any fragile items you may be carrying. 2. Cube Your Space Making the most of your luggage space is infinitely easier with packing cubes. Use them to separate by type, person, […]

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The Kosher Luxury Costa Rican Vacation You Need!

If winter blues are getting you down, perhaps it is time to replace them with blue skies, white sands, and turquoise waters in one of the most beautiful places on earth – Costa Rica. While the country has a small Jewish population of 2000-3000 and boasts a few shuls and kosher restaurants in its capital […]

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Six Kosher Mini Road Trips You Can Take From the City

  The Tri-State Area has been having a heatwave, and while many are staying in the safety of their air-conditioned house, we know better how to make the most of the sunshine! There is so much to explore, within just a few hours drive of New York City. Here are a few local (and a […]

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The Luxury Year-Round Kosher Hotel You MUST Visit!

In my late teens, I started keeping kosher and quickly discovered that for many Orthodox Jewish travelers, pots, pans, frozen meats and cheeses are automatic suitcase stuffers for every trip. While living a life of Torah and mitzvos gives me much meaning and pleasure, and I recognize that anything good in life comes with tradeoffs, […]

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Orthodox Jews On Vacation In Cancun: Kosher in Paradise

For our fifteenth wedding anniversary, my husband and I did something we’ve never done since we started having kids a dozen years ago: get away for more than one night without a fetus or nursing baby. My in-laws were kind enough to offer to take our kids for several days, and we decided that Sunday […]

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