Meet Israel’s New Religious Prime Minister

This week Israel has inaugurated a new prime minister, kippah-wearing, New Jersey-raised Naftali Bennett, whose identity as a Benjamin Netanyahu ally and right-wing settlement advocate is a relief to many Jews. At 49-years-old, Bennett is the first Orthodox Jewish prime minister that Israel has ever had (though Peres became observant after he left office and Begin was somewhat traditional while in office), and the first to earn his wealth independently in the health sector. Born to American parents in Israel, Bennett later attended Yavneh Acadeny. He served in the IDF and later developed a fraud detection software which he sold to great profit. After becoming Netanyahu’s chief of staff, and then economy minister before taking over the right-wing party Yamina in the Knesset. Read more here.



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  • Avatar photo Steve Goldstein says on June 28, 2021

    Peres observant?! Absolutely not true. No way. False.


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