Tucson’s Muslim Market Offers Food and Conversation to Kosher Shoppers

African and Middle Eastern food store Al Basha grocery in Tucson, Arizona is now proud to provide an “opportunity for people to see each other as real people, and have a normal interaction with people who ordinarily might not interact in their day-to-day lives,” according to regular shopper Jesse Davis, who was intrigued to come to a store which offered kosher products in a halal environment. The store endeavors to create dialogue and relationships between Muslim and Jewish communities. Conversation ranges from trying new products to how religious people of different faiths cope with adversity. While some Jews and Muslims stay away from the store because of this open community, the Muslim owners are proud to be welcoming of everyone as they discover instead of their differences, all that they have in common. Read more here.

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  • Avatar photo Problematic says on June 21, 2021

    This story might sound nice on some levels but it is seriously problematic for many reasons. One of them is taqqiya. Another is the “zakat”, an islamic 2.5% tax on all products sold by moslems, of which a significant portion goes to fund terrorist organizations.

    Thus all of the “kosher” food that well meaning Jews might buy at this store is in actuality helping to fund the Muslim Brotherhood, and thereby Hamas. This is also why you should never buy kosher food that displays both a kosher hechsher and a halal symbol.


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