A Few Good (IDF) Men To Celebrate This Father’s Day

The father is the protector of the family. This Father’s Day, thousands of Jewish fathers won’t celebrate with their own children, as they protect all the Jewish homeland, which ultimately is a protection for all Jews. Last year we featured A Few Good Orthodox Men on Father’s Day, as Orthodox men are only represented in […]

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This NYPost Reporter Wrote An Authentic Novel About Orthodox Jews

Mainstream media loves to glorify stories of Orthodox Jews who flee their communities. Reuven Fenton, a New York Post writer and second time novelist, flips the script on this trope. His new novel Goyhood, distributed by Simon and Schuster, tells the story of Georgia-born Mayer Belkin who thought he was a Jew, but finds out […]

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The Motion Picture Academy Museum Erased Jews, So Did The Smithsonian

Editor’s note: Last month, the Motion Picture Academy Museum added an exhibit on the Jewish founders of Hollywood after they had been conspicuously left out at the museum’s founding in 2021. While several reports indicate that the addition of the Jewish exhibit is steeped in antisemitism, Jews being excluded from recent museum exhibits seems to […]

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During Covid’s Quarantine, I Returned To Torah And Found Freedom

Approaching Shavuot and counting the Omer–the Kabbalistic process between Passover and Shavuot—I remember my teshuva story. I was an Israelite unknowingly enslaved to a foreign culture, only to break through the goo of exile and receive the treasure of Torah. I returned to myself in isolation. Perhaps it had to be that way. I was living […]

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