This Kosher Bakery Gives Second Chances to the Formerly Jailed

Israeli businessman Isaac Yosef, the operator of the sole kosher bakery in all of San Francisco, is a standout for another heartwarming reason: he is known for giving second chances to formerly incarcerated individuals by hiring them as employees. Also known as “Lifer Bakery,” Frena Bakery is famous for its delicious, Iraqi and Israeli-style goods, as well as for the opportunity to start over that it offers its workers. Over two dozen former prisoners have worked for Yosef over the years. Carlos Flores, a former employee was just three days out of prison when he asked Yosef to take a chance on him. To Flores’ shock, he was told he could start that Sunday. Why Yosef trusts these individuals is a product of his Jewish faith. He said, “The way you conduct business, the way you treat your workers. Kosher is a way of life. So, the first fundamental rule in Judaism is that everybody deserves a second chance.” Read more here.

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