Heroic Frum Driver Helps Save a Bridge Jumper & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

How An Italian Earthquake in 1570 Created The First Modern Orthodox Jew
Azariah de’ Rossi was an entirely unremarkable Italian Jew in his late 50s when the earth shook beneath his feet in the great Ferrara earthquake of November 1570. Narrowly escaping the collapse of his home that Shabbat night, he and his family sought refuge with other survivors. His encounter with Christian scholars in the aftermath convinced him to write a religious book, inspired by the earthquake, that described the majesty of the God’s universe. The resultant 700-page magnum opus, titled “The Light of the Eyes,” caused an intellectually seismic event whose aftershocks would reverberate for the next 500 years: Without realizing it, Azariah de’ Rossi had essentially created Modern Orthodoxy.

NY, NJ To Get Buster’s Hard Lemonade for Passover
The Buster’s Beverage Company has exported 17,000 bottles of Kosher-for-Passover hard lemonade to stores in New York and New Jersey. Denny Neilson, owner and brewmaster, couldn’t contain his delight. “We are so happy that we were able to do this. For us, it’s not just exporting our products to the US. It’s building our connection with the Jewish community there, with people who have a love interest with Israel.”

2,600-year-old Seal Bearing Name of First Temple-Era Official Discovered in Jerusalem
A 2,600-year-old seal bearing the name of an official in the court of a First Temple period king of Judah was discovered in the City of David in Jerusalem. The seal reads “(belonging) to Nathan-Melech, Servant of the King.”

Driver, Police Pull Back Man Trying to Jump Off Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge
Thirty-year-old Tuli Abraham and his wife were driving over the bridge towards Brooklyn. They said they usually take the upper level, but an accident force them to alter their normal route — a move that helped save the unidentified suicidal man. Abraham was in the far right lane, mid span, when the car in front of him suddenly stopped.

A Jewish Comedian On Why Religious Beliefs Shouldn’t Be Fair Game For Derision
Comedian Ashley Blaker is an Orthodox Jew. Despite our politically correct modern society, he’s accustomed to strangers judging him by his appearance, making assumptions about his views on Israel and the size of his family. Blaker offers his humble opinion on why religious beliefs shouldn’t be fair game for derision.

Women Are Joining Haredi Political Parties
“There are so many women who are just waiting for the gates to open so they can play their role. Many of them do not see themselves in Labor or Likud – they want to be on the list of a haredi party.” Last month, the High Court of Justice ruled that the ultra-Orthodox Agudat Yisrael Party must allow women to be members.

Flying While Jewish
Closer to home, while Jews make up just 2 percent of the U.S. population, they account for more than half of those targeted by religious-based hate crimes. And in 2017—the most recent year for which numbers are available—the FBI reported that anti-Semitic incidents in the U.S. increased by 57 percent.

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