“As A Jew” Jews, The Seder’s Wicked Son

For many years during the Passover seder I have struggled with how to handle “the wicked son.” We are told that there are four sons: wise, wicked, simple and one who doesn’t know how to ask. Says the hagaddah: “What does the wicked son say? ‘What does this ritual mean to you?’ To you and […]

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Israel on Trial Lessons from the OJ Simpson Saga

It was fall of 1995. I was riveted to the television, eagerly awaiting the verdict of the Trial of the Century, the murder trial of legendary football Hall of Famer OJ Simpson. Everything inside of me screamed, justice would be served, the evidence against him was overwhelming. And then the stunning results; OJ acquitted of […]

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Will The Coming Of Moshiach Affect Passover?

Dear Jew in the City, How will we celebrate Pesach after Moshiach comes? Sincerely, Isaac   Dear Isaac, Thanks for your question, though I wonder exactly what prompts it. I have two hypotheses, which I’ll address separately. It could be that you’re asking whether Pesach will still be a holiday when Moshiach comes. This is […]

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What Exhausting Pesach Prep Can Teach Us About Personal Growth

“Ma, there’s a fire!” is not what I wanted to hear as I was preparing for Passover by self-cleaning the oven. This was followed shortly by an explosion as the oven’s glass door shattered, leaving glass and burn marks all over the kitchen. Thankfully no one was hurt (except the flooring, which bears the marks […]

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