Forbes Profiles Modest Fashion Influencers & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

This Sangiovese is Delicious, $13 — and Kosher for Passover
Passover is April 19-27 this year, so it’s time to look at some kosher wines. As I noted last year, the quality of these wines appears to be getting better.

It’s Time We Stop Ignoring Modest Fashion Influencers
“When people realize I am an Orthodox Jew they are really surprised with the way I look,” says Rachelle Yadegar, who has 27.9k followers on Instagram and offers major Jewish style inspiration on her blog Not Without My Heels. “What they don’t understand is, I don’t need to be provocative to be cool.”

Hasbrouck Heights High School’s ‘Wizard of Oz’ Shines
Directed by an Orthodox Jewish woman, this production featured a wheelchair-bound student in the role of Dorothy. She knocked the performance out of the park, alongside her service dog, who played Toto.

For Orthodox Jewish Men, the Hat Known as a Borsalino is Tops
The bar and bat mitzvah ceremony is usually followed by an elaborate celebration and windfall of gifts. But many 13-year-old Jewish boys covet just one item: a hat. The head covering preferred by Orthodox Jewish boys and men is a stylish black Italian fedora known as a Borsalino. It has a high crown, a wide brim and a $325 price tag.

How Kosher Cuisine in Dallas is Getting More Chef-Driven and ‘Better Than Good’
When chef Jeramie Robison was approached to create a unique, all-kosher menu for Congregation Anshai Torah in Plano, he looked no further for inspiration than some of the dishes he’d already developed for City Hall Bistro, the Adolphus Hotel’s casual restaurant, where he’s executive chef.

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