Are Orthodox Jews At Fault For The Measles Outbreak? My POV On WABC Radio


As the number of people infected with measles in the Orthodox Jewish community continues to grow due to a recent outbreak , so does the media attention surrounding it. More and more of our fans have reached out to us asking us to clarify that Orthodox Jews who don’t vaccinate are not doing so because of a religious exemption.

In fact, 99% of Orthodox rabbis say we must get vaccinated to perform the Torah commandments of guarding our lives and not causing harm to others.

Today, I appeared on The Bernie and Sid Show on 77WABC to explain the nuance that most news organizations are leaving out and how blaming the anti-vaxx position on Judaism is inciting antisemitism. You can listen to it here.


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  • Avatar photo Rebecca Feldman says on April 11, 2019

    Thank you Allison! Great job representing as usual.

  • Avatar photo K Wilson says on May 21, 2019

    The main stream media, by Chosing to ONLY identify the Orthadox Jewish NY outbreak has the same effect as “blaming” this community for the untruthful calm that immunization is not religiously acceptable by this Community.
    It is a direct, intensional and misleading propaganda tool now standard among the Media Polictical Party.
    More CDC amd other reliable sources have Identfied refugees and illegals as sources of outbreaks, yet this is forbidden from being reported.


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