9 Fun New Kosher for Passover Products You Must Try

1. Gnocchi

Mamma Mia! Pesach just got a little more Italian with this easy-to-make gluten free pasta. Add in your favorite diced veggies with tomato and basil or marinara and cheese for a meal that will please even the family members who always say “there’s nothing to eat.”



2. Panko Bread Crumbs

We’ve had Kosher l’Pesach breadcrumbs before, but there’s something about panko that brings a whole new level of crispiness to the table. While chicken and fish are used to the panko treatment, add it to meatballs, fish patties, and the unexpected: hello, extra crispy matzah brei!



3.Chow Mein Noodles

Perfect for the kids (or grownups) who consider this a stand alone snack during the year, these noodles will also add crunch to salads and flair to stir fry dishes as well. Serve alongside a plate of chopped veggies for the kids to snack on before the seder begins.



4. Ready-Made Beets

We’ve already been using these year-round, but are thrilled to know that this popular salad topping is Pesach-friendly too. Serve them in a salad with pomegranates, goat cheese and candied walnuts or combine with your leftover horseradish root to make your own gorgeous chrain, or mix into a berry smoothie for breakfast.


5.Cold Brew Coffee

Coffee lovers, rejoice! The perfect wake-me-up after the late night seder, cold brew coffee is ultra-refreshing as the weather (hopefully?) warms up.





6. Pancake & Waffle Batter

Pesach breakfast just got real. A readymade batter that is gluten free and no patchke required. A new wafflemaker is now at the top of our Pesach small appliance wish list.





7. Coconut Bites

Cacao Nibs, chocolate and coconut. We might eat all of these before Pesach actually starts. Better get a few bags.





8. Seaweed Snacks

A great counter to the sweets that infiltrate our week of “cleaner eating,” these slightly salty treats are filled with incredible nutrients and umami flavor. These are new for Pesach but will be available year-round, so we’ll gladly incorporate them.



9. Cinnamon Matzah Squares

This delicious gluten-free treat has just enough cinnamon flavor to enliven this Pesach staple. Spread on some almond butter and bananas, or make the most unforgettable Matzah Brei you’ve ever had.



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