Does Being “Chosen” Make it Easier for Jews to Be Arrogant?

Dear Jew in the City- Doesn’t being the “Chosen People” make it easier for Jews to be arrogant? Sincerely, Brock Dear Brock- Thanks for your question. We discussed the whole “chosen people” thing a few months ago, so let’s recap what that’s about. I have very dear friends and their kids are special to me. […]

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Why Are Jews the Chosen People? (Isn’t That Offensive?)

Dear JITC- All my life I’ve heard the Jews referred to as “The Chosen People.” It feels really offensive to think that we are better than non-Jews. Aren’t all men (and women) created equal? Sincerely, Nikki Dear Nikki- Let’s assume that you work in an office. The boss calls a meeting for all the sales […]

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