A Dairy Shavuos Feast With The Silver Platter

Shavuos is a time to whip out all the dairy recipes. It’s also a time to get creative with meal planning as it can be a lot of dairy meals. Try getting out of your comfort zones of pizza and pasta and try some new dishes…salads, quinoa, fish, spaghetti squash and don’t forget about making […]

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Best Ever Kosher New England “Clam” Chowder

Growing up as non-observant Jews, we ate whatever we wanted. And we loved our treif food. Bacon, veal parmesan, shrimp cocktail, and even escargot were part of our repertoire. When I started believing in God and Torah in my teens, one by one, I kissed those delicacies goodbye. I was determined to live up to […]

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The Silver Platter Presents: Three Amazing Dishes for Your Purim Seuda

Hey everyone! Purim is around the corner. Time to start planning! It’s important to get creative with your recipes. Here are a bunch of yummy, easy and festive recipes that will enhance your Purim. Xoxo, Daniella   EVERYTHING KALE SALAD pareve, gluten-free, yields 10 servings Every Shabbos, my good friend, Emily Hershtal, makes this delicious […]

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