Summer Hat Trends to Cover Your Hair (and Look Cool Doing It!)

There’s no denying that we’re in the heat of the summer, and with it, many women are wondering how to keep their style inspiration going. Although we’ve covered modest summer fashion before, we wanted to take a closer look at hair covering during hot days. Combining cutting-edge trends with halachic hair covering, here are some […]

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The Top Modest Fashion Trends for Spring

As we gear up to update our closets for Spring 2019, shopping is on our minds. Modest clothing ranges from the practical to the stylish, and our top Spring picks are no exception. We’ve curated some of the hottest trends for Spring, bringing the best modest dresses and skirts from the catwalk to your Yom […]

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Six Hot Modest Trends From Europe’s Couture Fall Fashion Shows

Even in the heat of summer, fashionistas are gearing up for cooler temps, as stylish fall couture fashion displays are sweeping across France and Italy. With so many different high-necked and long-hemmed styles, tznius keepers have so much to enjoy. Haute couture’s Fall 2018 gorgeous modest eye-candy provides plenty of inspiration from head to toe. […]

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How To Wear Spring 2018 Fashion Trends Modestly

With the New York Times declaring that modesty is the defining sartorial style of the 2010s, there is no better time to shine your inner tznius light than right now. This Spring season, a celebration of fabric, patterns, draping and design are available in modest shapes, all over mainstream fashion. Many designers are making modesty […]

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Modest Fall Fashion Outlook for Yom Tov and Beyond

Summer is somewhat a distant dream and nature is taking its course. The Autumn season has begun, the leaves are changing colour and our wardrobes are going through a revamp. As the grey rainy clouds embrace us and the cold chill of winter hovers in the air, we are all fighting that urge to switch […]

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These 6 Steps Will Help Your Makeup Last During Yom Tov

Because there is a prohibition to color on Shabbos and Yom Tov and not everyone uses Shabbos makeup, many women are left wondering, “How do I make my makeup last longer?” We spoke to Shaindy Kelman, biochemist, esthetician and founder of Shaindel Cosmetics, who said “The trick to having your makeup stay on is to apply it with a bit […]

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