Summer Hat Trends to Cover Your Hair (and Look Cool Doing It!)

There’s no denying that we’re in the heat of the summer, and with it, many women are wondering how to keep their style inspiration going. Although we’ve covered modest summer fashion before, we wanted to take a closer look at hair covering during hot days. Combining cutting-edge trends with halachic hair covering, here are some ideas, from funky to sophisticated, to cover your hair in the hottest time of the year.

Bucket Hats
This summer’s hottest style trend is surely the bucket hat. This flat-topped and slope-brimmed style, which has never quite gone away since the 80’s (and a heyday in the mid-90’s) can be seen on incognito celebs, stylish women and modest keepers alike. From distressed denim, to Gucci ribbon, to leather and canvas, there is no limit to the creative looks available with this style. The bucket hat looks good with almost anything you’re wearing, from A-line skirts to pencil dresses. Try to pair it with the latest looks in tie-dye, floral and denim, for a double-dose of on-trend style.



Straw Hats

Whether you’re rocking a woven fedora, a cowboy hat or an elegant yacht-bound confection, straw hats keep the sun out as well as the heat. This summertime standard is perhaps the most popular, and for very good reasons. Straw hats pair well from everything including a jean skirt to a swimdress and if the style is elegant enough, even Shabbos clothes. This year’s hot styles range from the tightly woven and structured, to the flexibly woven and floppy. Whether beribboned, feathered or striped, accents range from the simple to the extravagant. You can even have them personalized. From big brims to short trilbys, there’s a style of straw that suits everyone.


Boonie Hats

Did you ever hear the word Boonie before this post? We didn’t either! But now we can’t stop looking at the most practical of the hat trends for Summer 2019. How can it fly off of your head with that handy chin strap? This updated take on a fishing hat often features a rounded top, squishy, sloping brim and that helpful strap. While Boonie Hats sometimes evoke a military vibe, they can also resemble the popular 1920’s cloche, cowboy and fishing hats and even an update on the Holly Hobby bonnet. Try pairing it with a sundress or hiking gear for a look that keeps the sun out while you’re active. With high-fashion getting in on the act, there is a variation available to suit every fashion need.

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