How To Debate An Anti-Zionist In 5 Easy Steps

I have tried engaging in rational dialogue on social media with detractors of Israel on many occasions, only to be met with personal or national death threats. So I mostly just block and delete Jew haters these days. But when I do engage, here’s what it sounds like.

Them: Palestinians were there first.

Me: Actually, Jews were there first. Jews have had a continuous presence in Israel for over 3000 years. Arabs, indigenous to the Arabian peninsula didn’t reach the Levant until the 7th century during a major period of Muslim colonization.

Them: Well, Canaanites were there before Jews.

Me: You’ve got a point. But produce a single Canaanite to argue for his land. Wait, you can’t. They haven’t existed for thousands of years.

Them: Jews are from Europe.

Me: Actually, 90% of Jews have Israel in their DNA.

Them: That’s not true, that’s why Israel bans DNA tests.

Me: Israel doesn’t ban DNA tests. I just Googled a DNA testing center in Tel Aviv. Shall I make you an appointment?

Them: Do you want Native Americans coming back and taking your home? It’s not about who was there first.

Me: So it’s about who’s there now? Well, Jews are the oldest surviving people who were there first and also the people who are there now. So…

(Bonus round!)

Me: One more thing: the Arabic the word for Jew is Yahud. That’s because Jews are the people of Yahuda (Judea), presently called Israel. So even the Arabic language remembers where Jews come from.

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  • Avatar photo Chasya Bernstein says on December 31, 2023

    Good try. But have you noticed that the people you would be debating are not open to having their minds changed by facts, truth, history, etc. They have their point of view, they indulge their ‘feelings’, and demand that you ‘don’t confuse me with the facts’. The whole Leftist movement has rejected Western ideas about facts and logical debate. They want something to be true, and therefore it is! You can marshall all the facts you want, they will not hear you.


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