How To Debate An Anti-Zionist In 5 Easy Steps

I have tried engaging in rational dialogue on social media with detractors of Israel on many occasions, only to be met with personal or national death threats. So I mostly just block and delete Jew haters these days. But when I do engage, here’s what it sounds like. Them: Palestinians were there first. Me: Actually, […]

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How to Disagree About the Important Stuff

“How to say you don’t love your baby without saying it,” a commenter posted on an influencer’s recent reel supporting abortion rights. Between the news of the Supreme Court overturning Roe V. Wade and major gun control issues in America, there are strong opinions flying about. Tensions are really high between the right and the left […]

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How Jewish Wisdom Can Help Us Survive The 2020 Election

This past Sunday, I drove to Manhattan to pick up my mom so she could spend the week with us in suburban New Jersey. During that drive, it became very clear, very quickly, where this presidential campaign has taken us. First, Trump supporters shut down one of the bridges leading into the city. Then, I […]

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