Orthodox Jewish Artists: Partners In Creation

After four years of planning, Orthodox Jewish Artists: Partners In Creation is being released in conjunction with Rosh Hashana – the birthday of the world. As we recall the creation account this time of year, we are reminded that we were placed in this world with a duty to tend to it and make it better. This video also counters the misconception that Orthodox Jews are black and white in dress and action. There’s so much room for color and creativity in a healthy religious Jewish life. Sponsored by and featuring Sculptor Zalmen Glauber, founder of Shtetl Art Gallery and Painter Yaeli Vogel, founder of Yaeli Fine Art.

Also featuring:

Chef Joshua Massin
Cellist Andrea Herzog
Glassblower Gianni Toso
Dancer Michelle Penn

(The rainbow eucalyptus tree in the video is the type of tree that JITC founder Allison Josephs saw in Hawaii as a teenager that brought her to believe in God and remains an inspiration for all the work our organization is fueled by.)

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