A Few Good (IDF) Men To Celebrate This Father’s Day

The father is the protector of the family. This Father’s Day, thousands of Jewish fathers won’t celebrate with their own children, as they protect all the Jewish homeland, which ultimately is a protection for all Jews. Last year we featured A Few Good Orthodox Men on Father’s Day, as Orthodox men are only represented in […]

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Remembering The Orthodox Jew Who Developed Apollo 11’s Trajectories

Orthodox Jewish All Star Gerald (Jerry) Wittenstein passed away last week. He was the CEO of International Space Systems, Inc., a space engineering firm that performs research and development for NASA. Earlier in his career, while at NASA, he generated trajectories for space flights, including the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing mission led by Neal Armstrong. […]

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Allison Josephs’s NY Post Op-Ed On Hollywood Erasing Jews

Hollywood has a Jewish problem. It might feel unexpected when Jews are the ones who created Hollywood when they couldn’t get into another industry, but it’s a very real problem we’re facing today. Jewish roles are being given to non-Jews — something that wouldn’t fly with another minority group. Jewish tropes and erasure are often […]

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