This Was the Secret to King David’s Teshuva

Years ago, I was sitting innocently on a bus with Tanach (Bible) in hand when a man began to educate me on what he saw as the Bible’s mistakes. He believed Saul, the first king of Israel, was cheated: he was the better man and should never have lost his throne to David – David […]

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How to Make a Radical Break with the Last Year this Rosh Hashanah

A number of friends have mentioned that they are dreading Rosh Hashanah. Their general sense of overwhelm has made preparing for the holiday—spiritually or physically—exhausting. Looking back at this past year depresses them. Cynicism leads them to expect 5781 will be worse than 5780. It doesn’t help that due to the novel coronavirus, a lot […]

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How Do We Blow Shofar During a Pandemic?

Dear JITC- How do we deal with blowing a shofar during a pandemic that spreads through viral droplets? Thank you, Ryan Dear Ryan- I’m glad you asked this question because it’s something that has concerned me literally for months. Unfortunately, the reason it concerned me was because, as you say, blowing a shofar spreads droplets […]

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