GE Appliances Embraces the Jewish Community

In a time when Jews are feeling more under attack than they have in recent times, GE is leaning into its Jewish clientele. In a recent video, CEO of GE Appliances, Kevin Nolan, sent a positive message to the Orthodox community. GE wants to best serve their customers, so they created an initiative, Zero Distance which means they want to get us close to their customers as possible and understand their needs so there is no distance between.

GE Appliances understood that they are not experts in Jewish technology, so reached out to Eli Antebi at Zman Technologies who has first-hand experience working at a company that develops great products for the Jewish community. They also wanted a halachic authority to make sure they were doing everything properly according to Jewish law, so they contacted Rabbi Tzvi Ortner, OU’s first director of Jewish law and technology, who helped guide them through this process.

Now, GE Appliances has become one of the most Shabbos-compliant appliance manufacturers. While most appliances were limited to the Shabbos Mode function, GE Appliances came out with a technological advancement known as The Shabbos Keeper. It is the first completely Shabbos compliant refrigerator that is also recognized by the Orthodox Union, the Central Rabbinical Congress and Halachic Tech USA. The Shabbos Keeper’s location feature tells the refrigerator when it is sunset and will automatically adjust to Shabbos Mode.

There are many cool features that are included in the Shabbos Keeper mode, including permanent interior lighting throughout Shabbos and an automatic defrosting system. The Shabbos Keeper is compatible with many GE Appliances refrigerator models.

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  • Avatar photo Shiva says on February 11, 2022

    ”More under attack than ever”… really? Way to trivialize Jewish history.

    • Avatar photo Allison Josephs says on February 11, 2022

      Thanks for your comment. The line was “feeling more under attack” not “under attack,” but point well taken. We changed it to “in recent times.”


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