High School Coaches Are Fired For Forcing Kosher Student to Eat Pepperoni

Seven high school football coaches have been fired after it was caught on surveillance video that they forced a kosher-keeping player to eat a pepperoni pizza as punishment for missing a training session. The school board voted unanimously to oust the coaches, and none of them will be able to be hired in the district again for high school football coaching. In this disciplinary attempt gone horribly wrong, the student had been told that his status on the team was in jeopardy and that he would be responsible for making the whole rest of the team do extra drills if he didn’t eat an entire non-kosher pizza in the middle of the gym. Embarrassed, the teen was put in a situation that no one should have to endure. Read more here.

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  • Avatar photo Jonathan says on June 17, 2021

    So there is more to this story…..I do not believe the students level of Kashrut was mainstream OU Kashrut. Its a strange situation where the Coach allegedly offered to get the student chicken since the student initially did not want the pizza. Then the student took off the pepperoni from the pizza and ate it. More details need to be delved into before one can call this antisemitism instead of sheer stupidity.


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