This Orthodox Jew Survived a Covid Coma Thanks to Help and Prayers From His Community

When an Orthodox Jewish father of seven from London got sick suddenly last Spring, he fell into a coma and woke up to a worldwide pandemic. Originally from South Africa, Eli Seliger is grateful to Hashem for helping him survive. After overcoming Kidney failure, pneumonia, and a nerve disorder, he was also diagnosed with ADEM, an MS-like brain inflammation. Motivated by the upcoming wedding of his daughter and his goal to walk her down the aisle, as well as the support he received from his community, he learned to walk again. He credits the prayers of the community for saving his life, as a request to pray led to him being checked on and then immediately hospitalized in a bad state. His son’s “call for others to say Tehillim for me basically saved my life,” he said. He credits his faith as helping him have the strength to get through it all. Read more here.

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