During Covid’s Quarantine, I Returned To Torah And Found Freedom

Approaching Shavuot and counting the Omer–the Kabbalistic process between Passover and Shavuot—I remember my teshuva story. I was an Israelite unknowingly enslaved to a foreign culture, only to break through the goo of exile and receive the treasure of Torah. I returned to myself in isolation. Perhaps it had to be that way. I was living […]

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Hasidim Banned from Lufthansa Flight for “Looking Jewish”

A group consisting of about 150 Orthodox Jews were traveling to Hungary on the evening of May 4 for the yahrtzeit (anniversary of his passing) of Reb Shayala of Kerestir and refused boarding on their connecting Lufthansa flight in Frankfurt. The chilling reason why? “It’s Jews from JFK.” According to Dan’s Deals, Lufthansa informed “the group […]

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Joe Rogan & Spotify: Do Jews Believe In Free Speech?

At the heart of the controversy surrounding Spotify and the Joe Rogan experience is the question of free speech. Some 70 episodes of his podcast were removed after musicians protested the platform for allowing him to spout misinformation and racial slurs. Is it okay for him to spread misinformation about COVID? What about when that […]

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