Jews In Hiding (No More)

From Roman invaders

And Hellenist Greeks

From violent Crusaders

Those days were so bleak

From Inquisitors in Spain

And Nazis of Reich three

Cossacks in Russia

And then the KGB


But not in New York, Toronto, or LA.

Not in London, Lima, or Paris, we won’t hide today.


The world woke up to the pain of the oppressed

But when it comes to the Jews your progress has regressed.


For thousands of years we prayed for a return,

Images of diaspora Jews being beaten makes the Zionist heart yearn.

If your streets won’t be safe, your support nowhere to be found

We will gather in the exile, and be homeward bound.


We should thank you for your silence, your complicity unites,

We have only each other and a God in Heaven to wage our fights.


We won’t apologize for self-defense or our need to take up space,

We’ve been running and hiding for so long, from too much of the human race.


The Jews are eternal, peace and wisdom are what we live by,

Fear not my brothers and sisters, because Am Yisrael Chai!

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  • Avatar photo Marilyn Zellner says on May 29, 2021

    Never forget!


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