Meet the Haredi Comedy Duo Going Viral on YouTube

While they originally wrote their skits for a Haredi fanbase, comedians Efi Skakovsky and Meni Wakshtock have met mass appeal with secular Israelis as well. Destroying all preconceived notions of how serious Haredim can be, the duo known as the Hebrew word for Chaos, Bardak are making friends and fans throughout the Hebrew-speaking world. With commentary on a variety of relatable topics, though from a perspective that features clean humor and few women, the videos are appropriate for any audience. Wakshtock studied film at a religious institution and spent six years directing before taking on the project, and Skakovsky’s rabbi encouraged his pursuit of this project. They have 4.7 million views for the 25 videos they have made so far, 30,000 views on Facebook and 15,000 on TikTok. They hope to make a TV show or movie one day. Read more here.


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