Is Ryan Turell Going to Be the First Orthodox Jewish NBA Star?

Although he could have gone to many Division I schools, current Yeshiva University student Ryan Turell chose YU’s basketball program after graduating from LA’s Valley Torah High School because it met his religious needs. (He turned down a scholarship to West Point due to mandatory Shabbos training.) Having brought YU to the NCAA’s Sweet Sixteen last year, only to be derailed by the pandemic was a blow, but that hasn’t stopped the 6’7″ player from honing his game. Even now in the modified 2021 season, he averages 26 points per game and has helped bring the Macs to a 37-game winning streak, the longest in the NCAA. Two or more NBA teams have already requested his game tapes, marveling in his 360 degree dunks, incredible 3-point average and surprise defense. While it used to make him nervous to wear his kippah to games, now he relishes in it. “I love wearing my kippah and have everyone call me ‘Jewboy’ when we walk into gyms, and they don’t realize they can’t beat us,” he says. “I’m ready to make history.” Read more here.




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