Israeli Television Bridges Gap From Secular to Religious Jews & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Israel’s Ultra-Orthodox Jews ‘Least Stressed’ by Covid-19, Says Study
Ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel have been happier and less stressed during the Covid-19 pandemic than others, including secular Jews, according to new research. A study of the Israeli Jewish population by Tel Aviv University found levels of resilience were higher in ultra-Orthodox communities than other groups, despite this group being disproportionately affected by the disease in terms of both health and economic factors.

Secular Jews Are Starting to Understand the Haredi Orthodox — Thanks to Israeli Television
There is irony in the fact that media like television (shunned by most Haredim) and the internet (which, if used, is used for work purposes but not for entertainment) should be what is allowing their lives to become more familiar to their secular neighbors. But good things can emerge from all sorts of unexpected places.

Lenora Fay Garfinkel, 90, Architect for Orthodox Jewish Communities, Dies
Ms. Garfinkel thrived in a field dominated by men, juggling a career while raising five children. She died of the coronavirus.

Meet the Black Modern Orthodox Woman Selling Empowering Jewish Apparel
Elisheva Rishon created her clothing brand Eli7 Designs with the mission to empower people — Black and Jewish women in particular. For Elisheva, a Black Modern Orthodox millennial living in Los Angeles, her collections celebrate some of her own identities, like The #Jewishvibe Collection, The Melanated Beauties collection and the Ethnic-Racial Celebration Collection.

Crumbs of Comfort: Montreal Kosher Bakery Builds Bridges, One Babka at a Time
In the heart of Montreal’s Hasidic community, black and white together is more than just a cookie, thanks to a small kosher bakery that’s quickly gaining international repute. At Boulangerie Cheskie (Cheskie’s Bakery), the delectable cookies are bridging cultural divides between Hasidim, and their predominantly Quebecois neighbors, along with babkas, doughnuts, cheese crowns, checkered cakes, sweet rolls, and more.

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