Lakewood Father of Eight Gives Bone Marrow to Stranger & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Doubling Down on Anti-Semitic Displays, Belgian Parade Features Costumes of Orthodox Jews With Insect Bodies
Caricatures of Jews, including ones depicting them as ants, were prominently displayed at this city’s annual parade. The displays came a year after the Jewish Telegraphic Agency exposed anti-Semitic displays in last year’s parade in Aalst, located about 10 miles west of Brussels. Participants said the new displays were designed to reject the criticism of the town and carnival that followed JTA’s report.

Tech & Talmud: A Winning Combination for Haredi Employment
Like most of his peers from the devout community, Shotland does spend his mornings studying talmudic tractates. Unlike them, however, he dedicates his afternoons to learning JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

Orthodox Rapper Nissim Black Reintroduces Himself to the World
Nissim Black knows that wherever he goes, he’s going to turn heads. Yes, he’s black and Jewish and Orthodox. No, that combination does not make him any less of any of those identities.

Science and Torah Collide: How Yeshiva Students Ended Up at CERN
A modern Orthodox yeshiva that balances teaching Gemara alongside Socratic logic is unusual, to say the least. A yeshiva that incorporates physics and visits CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, is unheard of. But Migdal HaTorah, a gap-year yeshiva located in Modi’in-Maccabim-Re’ut, does both.

An Unassuming Mover in Impeachment Departs the House
Norman Eisen may be the most important figure you have never heard of in the saga of President Trump’s impeachment. The former ambassador to the Czech Republic, ethics attorney in the Obama White House and mastermind behind Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), which has led a litigation battle against the Trump administration, spent a year as counsel to the House Judiciary Committee, ending Monday.

Man With Leukemia Finally Meets Stranger From New Jersey Who Donated Bone Marrow
A man fighting leukemia finally met the stranger from New Jersey who donated bone marrow to help save his life. The two men had the chance to meet for the first time at a bone marrow gala on Thursday night. Bone marrow recipient Scott Novorr said he owes his life to Binyomin Gewirtz.

Monsey Stabbing Victim Opens Eyes After 59 Days in Coma
The most seriously injured victim of the stabbing attack at a rabbi’s home in Monsey opened his eyes after 59 days in a coma. Josef Neumann, 72, has been on a respirator since the Dec. 28 attack during a Hanukkah party. He was one of five people injured.

Jewish Academic: Under Attack, US Ultra-Orthodox Are Misunderstood, ‘Terrified’
Over coffee at the kosher Patis Bakery, located about 10 miles from the scene of the supermarket attack, Yeshiva University professor and New Jersey resident Moshe Krakowski tells The Times of Israel that Jewish communities in the Tri-state area are “terrified.” “My 13-year-old daughter can’t sleep at night,” Krakowski says. “She’s terrified about an attack. She sees it on the news, and she hears about it.”

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