Nike-Sponsored Frum Mom of Five Training for Olympics & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

West Rogers Park Woman Meets Baby Whose Life She Saved Through Stem Cell Donation
Brooke Dordek was attending a charity event when someone said, ‘do you want to have your cheek swabbed for Gift of Life to see if one day you’ll be matched?’ Little did this mother of two know that a short time later she would be contacted and told her blood stem cells were a perfect match for a baby in a different state.

Dragons, Artists and Prophets in Tales for Tweens and Teens
Rachel, the young prophetess of Evonne Marzouk’s complex and ambitious novel, receives a siddur from her devout Zaide, a Holocaust survivor, on her seventh birthday, with the inscription “For Rachel—may she grow into all of her gifts.” Those gifts emerge during her adolescence, when she experiences prophetic visions.

‘Kill All Jews,’ And Broken Windows: Two Anti-Semitic Incidents Strike New York
Two more instances of anti-Semitic crime shocked New York City this past weekend, the latest in a slate of incidents targeting Jews here. The 103rd street subway stop was vandalized with swastikas and the words “kill all Jews,” and a man used a gun to smash the windows at a girls’ yeshiva, Bais Rikvah School, in Crown Heights on Friday.

Can This Ultra-Orthodox Mother of Five Run All the Way to the Olympics?
In Michael and Beatie Deutsch’s home, the professional runner and mother of five has become a figure of speech. “It’s a verb — to ‘Beatie’ something means to just force it until it goes,” Michael says. “Beatie sets her mind to something, and she does it.” Whether she is tackling training runs in full clothing in 90-degree heat or entertaining her children — ages 9, 8, 6, 4 and 2 — at the beach while also squeezing in a workout, that philosophy has guided the 30-year-old Israel marathon national champion throughout her life, including her most recent pursuit: professional runner.

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