Kosher Venison Hits UK For First Time in 100 Years & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

An Improbable Relic of Auschwitz: a Shofar That Defied the Nazis
The daughter of a Holocaust survivor has brought forward a ram’s horn trumpet and her father’s account of the power of belief amid death. He described for his family how, despite the danger, this shofar, or ceremonial ram’s horn, was blown at the camp during prayers.

Kosher Venison Available in the UK for the First Time in Over a Century
Kosher venison is now available for purchase in the UK for the first time in more than a century, with a rare meat supplier teaming up with the Federation of Synagogues to bring the product to Britain. The Kosher Rare Meat Company has started importing the game from an unnamed European country, where it has been shechted (slaughtered) under the auspices of the Federation.

How to Make Kosher Prosciutto
An ancient tradition of the Jews of northern Italy: producing homemade kosher charcuterie out of goose meat. These “goose-only” cold cuts and cured meats were produced and sold very successfully until shortly after the expulsion of the Jews from the Duchy of Milan in 1597, when Christian butchers reintroduced pork into the mix to make their products less expensive.

Yellow-and-Black Sabbath: Orthodox Jews in Grand Final Lockdown Until Sun Sets
When the final siren sounds on the AFL grand final on Saturday afternoon, there will be at least one group of footy fans still left wondering about the result. The diehard Tigers fans among Melbourne’s Orthodox Jewish community will be strictly observing the Sabbath, which prohibits them from attending the match, watching on TV, checking the score via a phone or radio.

J’lem College Examines Intersection of Jewish Religious Law and Technology
The Jerusalem College of Technology (JCT) announced the launch of the Torah and Technology Research Center which will tackle ethical and halachic (Jewish religious law) issues presented by modern technology. The research center will operate under Rabbi Yosef Tzvi Rimon, head of JCT’s yeshiva and Jewish studies programs, and will pioneer a unique collaboration between halachic experts and faculty members from JCT’s computer science, engineering and health sciences departments to address questions that arise in the intersection of Torah and technology.

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