The Pushback on Bikini Culture & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Haredim in Caps and Gowns
Eight years ago, Yehuda Sabiner, then a 20-year-old married father and Ger Hasid, entered the Technion, the Israel Institute of Technology, with the dream of becoming a doctor. This spring he completed his studies at the Technion Faculty of Medicine, and is set to become the first Ger Hasid in Israel to become a doctor.

Orthodox Jews Fight Sexual Abuse With New Awareness Video
Amudim, a crisis center focusing on combating sexual abuse and addictions in the Orthodox community, released a video to break the silence and stigma of sexual abuse. The video has been making its rounds on social media in late-May and early June.

Conservative Women Pushing Back on Skimpy Bikini Culture
Sara Wolf, who identifies as a religious Jew, co-founded the swimwear brand HydroChic in part because she was sick of wearing “sloppy T-shirts” to the beach. She soon found that her customer base extended to women of all faiths, as well as those with psoriasis and other conditions who also wanted extra protection.

Kosher Dining Matures in New York City
Alenbi and UN Plaza are just two in the growing number of high-end kosher dining options. Others making a mark in NYC are Barnea Bistro and Abaita in Midtown, Noga on the Lower East Side and Boru Boru on the Upper West Side, all of which opened last year. The Wall Street Grill in downtown Manhattan and Arba on the Upper West Side just opened in March and May, respectively.

Why I Am Considering Wearing a Kippah in Public
Were I to start wearing a kippah in public, it would be for one reason, and for one reason only: to be defiant. That is not the reason for the kippah. It is not to identify the haters. It is to identify with God.

As These Israeli Chefs Show, It Doesn’t Have to Be Treif to Taste Good
The moment for kosher cooking has arrived with a cadre of Israeli chefs, who were once more accustomed to treif, now separating their milk from their meat. Celebrity Israeli chefs Meir Adoni, Yoram Nitzan, Eyal Shani and more have moved into the kosher sphere, accommodating the growing number of kosher diners seeking fine dining, and the ingredients (and wine lists), that go with it.


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