The Frum Nurses’ Association That Educates Anti-Vaxxers & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

How Orthodox Jewish Nurses Are Fighting ‘Anti-Vaccination Propaganda’ Targeting Their Community
Amid the largest measles outbreak in nearly 30 years, and a rise in vaccine hesitancy within the ultra-Orthodox community, Blima Marcus and other members of the Orthodox Jewish Nurses Association decided to do something about it. They have been compiling a book of their own to respond to PEACH’s assertions, which is slated for publication in the next few weeks.

Cuomo Says Man Arrested For ‘Gas Chamber’ Threat Against Jewish Woman
Gov. Andrew Cuomo joined a press conference in upstate Kingston on Friday to announce the arrest of a man accused of locking a female co-worker in a refrigerated cooler and yelling, “You’re in the gas chamber, you f–king Jew.” “It’s hard for me even to believe this is happening,” Cuomo said of the incident on March 11 at the Mother Earth’s Storehouse.

Crown Heights-Based Hasidic Singer Releases Song Against Anti-Semitism
A Crown Heights-based artist has created a song that he hopes will heal after a series of anti-Semitic attacks. For 11 years, Yoni Zigelboum, or Yoni Z, has created music which he calls “Jewish pop.” “I want to spread positivity and light, a little bit of light dispels lots of darkness,” says Yoni Z. His song “Hallelukah” is his first time touching on the serious topic of anti-Semitic attacks.

Security and Intelligence Groups Launch Initiative to Recruit Haredim
Israel’s security and intelligence organizations are launching a new initiative, reaching out to members of the ultra-Orthodox Haredi community who are looking for employment. The initiative, which will target young men between the ages of 24-34 with unique set skills and abilities, comes on the heels of a great deal of effort on the part of Pardes, an NGO that works to integrate young Haredim into Israel’s security organizations and institutions.

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