Haredi Men Enlist in Mossad & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Orthodox Family Speaks Out About Opioid Abuse in the Religious Community
The opiate epidemic raging across the country has seeped into nearly every community, and the Orthodox population is not immune. Community leaders say the drug problem is growing. Applications to kosher drug rehab are soaring, Narcan is being carried by Hatzalah ambulances, which serve Jewish neighborhoods, and rabbis are being trained to deal with addiction.

A Hasidic Man on the Prejudice He Encounters Every Day in New York City
As a member of that community who has ventured to places around New York that we don’t often occupy, I am often forced to answer for my people with biased allegations. I’m a guest in their environment, a minority visitor, and people seem to believe they have the license to approach me with abhorrent claims. To them, I can always return to Williamsburg or wherever they think I come from.

Amid Changing Economics, More Israeli Restaurants Opting to Go Kosher
As recently as a year ago, kosher restaurants were owned and operated by religious restaurateurs and chefs serving towns with heavily religious populations. But that’s quickly changing: Most of the new restaurants that have opened in Israel in the past year are kosher, and many veteran establishments are getting a kashrut certificate even in secular bastions like Tel Aviv, Haifa and Eilat. Celebrity chefs who once took pride in their non-kosher menus are choosing to switch to kashrut.

Over 2,000 Attend ‘Wear a Kippa’ Protest in Berlin After Anti-Semitic Attack
Germans of various faiths donned Jewish skullcaps and took to the streets Wednesday in several cities to protest an anti-Semitic attack in Berlin and express fears about growing hatred of Jews in the country. The kippa protest was triggered by the daytime assault last week of two young men wearing skullcaps in an upscale neighborhood in the German capital.

Unprecedented: Haredi to Do National Service in the Mossad
A 22-year-old Lithuanian-haredi young man will perform his National Service in Israel’s Mossad, Kikar Hashabbat reported. While haredim have been performing National Service for years, this is the first time a haredi volunteer will serve in the Mossad.

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