A Sit Down With Josh Massin: Expert Chef and All Stars Gala Culinary Director

With the 5th Annual Orthodox Jewish All Stars Awards Show just a week and a half away, on Sunday November 5, (get your tickets here before they’re gone!) we’re giving you a sneak peek of what to expect food-wise once you’ve sauntered down the red carpet and met the who’s who of the frum world.

We are thrilled to have Josh Massin, the executive chef and mastermind behind the foodie destination NoBo Wine & Grill in Teaneck, overseeing our menu in partnership with Executive Caterers. Not only is Josh creating and executing a menu of kosher gastronomic delight, he will also be providing commentary alongside Naomi Nachman at the Kosher Chopped All Stars competition.

While Massin wants to keep the exact menu a surprise, he reveals that it will be small plates – a diverse selection of foods that are easy to hold and eat while talking or enjoying the Chopped competition. “Although there is a protein side of the menu, the vegetable side of the offering is pretty awesome so far.” Massin elaborates that “we’re not just giving people big hunks of beef, loaded up with salt.” Instead, he shares that there will be an amazing array of vegetables, incredible dishes in their own right. “They are just as delicious and satisfying.” Massin is looking forward to experimenting with his twists on tradition and the All Stars Gala is the perfect place to do so. “You have captive audience – I’m [excited to be] curating the menu for them.”

On his role as the Chopped commentator, Massin plans to have a good amount of fun with it. “My role as expert chef commentator for Kosher Chopped All Stars is… to challenge: [I’m] one part coach, one part heckler, one food geek.” He will switch off between talking with Naomi as ingredients come out and educating the audience as to their best uses. He will also go up to the chefs who are competing and give them advice. “I might tell them not to use a certain ingredient, and not to chop off their fingers.” We can’t wait for his snarky and thougtful insights on the competition.

Massin is passionate about the opportunity to be involved with Jew in the City and the Orthodox Jewish All Stars. “I like the idea of what this event is benefitting [Makom]. You’re seeing in the main stream media how people “went off the derech,” and how the Jewish community is so dysfunctional…But to finally have a way to meet their needs, to love another Jew enough to say ‘I want you to have a place to go,” [is fantastic.] We’re here to take care of our brothers.” Massin feels it’s important that people know that it’s our heritage that causes us to want to fix problems, not have problems. Jew in the City and the All Stars also speak to Massin. “For all of us that made the life choice to become part of the frum community, we’re still victims of stereotypes. [The All Stars shows] what we’re capable in terms of achievement and contributing to the world. I want to be part of that.”

We are excited to announce our Kosher Chopped All Stars prizes! All contestants will receive a Kosher Chopped All Stars apron and cutting board, as well as entrance to the entire All Stars Premiere Party and Gala!

Our first place winner will receive: A $150 gift certificate to dine at NoBo Wine & Grill, a gourmet food and wine basket from Kosher.com, filled with some of their most high-end products, and a personalized, enscribed Kosher Chopped All Stars chef’s knife.

Our two runners up, will receive gourmet food and wine baskets from Kosher.com, and an enscribed Kosher Chopped All Stars paring knife.

To enter the competition: Film a 30 second video on why you should be the one to compete on Kosher Chopped All Stars. Out of all the entrants, three people will be chosen. To meet Naomi, attend the All Stars Gala and be one of our featured chefs, enter now by sending your video to info@jewinthecity.com before Nov 1. You can also post the video on Instagram and/or Facebook with the hashtag #JITCkoshercooks.

To purchase tickets, click here.

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