How The Founders of French Fashion Label “The Kooples” Became Shomer Shabbos!

With The Shabbos Project happening this weekend, Alexandre Elisha, founder of The Kooples, a Paris-based “cool-kids” fashion line sold at hundreds of high-end boutiques as well as at Bloomingdales, Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue and more tells the story of how he became shomer Shabbos. While the brand is famous for their ad campaigns featuring real-life couples, Elicha explains that Shabbos is the piece that truly brings family together.

In this video, Elicha explains how he balances his Torah study and being shomer Shabbos with being a creative designer, firmly in the material world. The origins of his observance began in the most unlikely place: after a night of clubbing in Ibiza with his brother. Even though that first Shabbos was anything but typical, it set the stage for his passion for a Torah lifestyle, which is at the core of what makes his success truly possible. “Life is so magic…Shabbat is a good way to take time and think [about] what you’re doing in this world.” Today, the brothers share Torah observance as well as a fashion empire.

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  • Avatar photo Abe Berger says on October 25, 2017

    I met Alex and family on Holiday in Europe, he shared he’s story, amazing and truly inspiring,

    We had a beautiful Shabbos singing and enjoying together.


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