JITC All Star Jamie Geller Bakes Challah on TV & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Israeli-developed ALS Treatment Reversing Motor Decline Breakthrough
Current treatments are able to slow ALS’ progression but fail to maintain or restore motor movement. Now, multiple clinical trials conducted by an Israeli firm, Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics, show a first-ever reversal in expected decline for patients, likely to transform how we treat ALS.

In Israel Ultra-Orthodox Women Emerge as Tech Entrepreneurs
While Silicon Valley is just beginning to confront decades of sexism and discrimination, female founders in Israel’s ultra-Orthodox community say their segregated gender roles have an unintended benefit — encouraging growing ranks of women entrepreneurs. Recruiting more ultra-Orthodox into a technology industry suffering from a lack of skilled workers has become a national objective in Israel, with various government bodies enlisted to meet national goals.

11 Up-And-Coming Modest Jewish Brands You Need To Know Now
How do you navigate and find the modest brand that works from you? There are, of course, a few well-known brands; specifically, Mimu Maxi and The Frock, who have both been covered extensively in the media. But what about the lesser-known, but equally as saleable, Orthodox brands?

How to Make Challah Bread
Orthodox Jewish All Star Jamie Geller is live on the news to teach how to make challah. With the Shabbos Project this week, frum communities around the world are all coming together to make and bake challah.

Israel to Promote Solution for ‘Chained-Wives’ Around the World
For the first time in its history, the State of Israel will provide a solution for agunot (women who are unable to remarry because their husbands refuse to grant them a religious divorce), as well as men who find themselves in a similar situation, even if they are not Israeli citizens. Today, the Israeli government issued a memorandum which grants the rabbinical courts international authority over cases of agunot.

An Abandoned Pre-WWII Hasidic Synagogue Gets a Second Life as a Kosher Jazz Club
With its graffiti-covered facade, the place hardly resembles a jazz club — but neither does it look like an old Vizhnitz synagogue. And though it’s still labeled as such on Google Maps, the building hasn’t been prayed in for over 80 years. The city of Oradea, with a Jewish population hovering somewhere around 400, might not have the numbers to necessitate a kosher jazz bar, but Jews don’t seem to be its niche audience.

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  • Avatar photo Rikki says on October 29, 2017

    Hey! Just wanted to tell you Allison- KEEP DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING!! We need the counterbalance voice speaking up for all of us in the community.
    Thank you


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