The Stereotype-Defying Hasidic Rapper & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Herman Wouk: Remembrances
The enduring appeal of Herman Wouk’s many novels speaks volumes — and though he’s well past the century mark, he’s still writing. The man who wrote “The Caine Mutiny,” Herman Wouk, was once a naval officer himself and has just published the book he says will be his last at 102.

Emma Fress on Keeping Kosher and Children’s Eating
Emma Spritzer has never had a day of professional cookery training in her life, but reached the final stages of 2015’s MasterChef and has just released her first cookbook. “I’ve taken the classics and turned them around slightly, but still making them appealing to people who are observant and are kosher.”

Northwest Yeshiva’s Jed Davis of WIAA State Volleyball Accommodation: ‘The Greatest Gift’
Jed Davis retired Friday after 18 years as the Jewish school’s athletic director, proclaiming equality in treatment of the Saturday Sabbath as his best career achievement. In a hard-fought ending to his 18-year run at the school that adheres to traditional Torah values, Davis succeeded in achieving equality in participation in state tournaments regardless of religious beliefs.

Women Who Choose Rules
As a kid, Alissa Gold never imagined she would become an Orthodox Jewish woman who wears long skirts in the summertime and bakes bread every week for the sabbath. She attended the all-female Wellesley College– bastion of feminism, alma mater of Hillary Clinton– and assumed that Orthodox women were oppressed, but then she took a trip to to Israel, and finally got a chance to meet some.

Orthodox Jewish MMA fighter Shot Dead in His Florida Home
25-year-old Orthodox Jewish professional mixed martial arts fighter Aaron Rajman was fatally shot in his South Florida home Monday during a home invasion in West Boca Raton. Rajman turned professional in 2014 and held a 2-2 record after winning several MMA titles as an amateur, and is believed to have been the only Orthodox Jewish MMA fighter.

Meet Nissim Baruch Black, The Orthodox Jewish Rapper Who’s Defying All Stereotypes
When Seattle-born rapper Nissim Baruch Black was 25, he got into an altercation with another artist that could have been fatal. “I started to pray,” said Black, “and three days later…we cleared it all up.” Today, Black credits that as the miracle that led him to Orthodox Judaism.

The Jerusalem Post Profiles Allison Josephs
Via the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs, Jew in the City’s Allison Josephs and her mission take center stage. Bringing light to a different side of Orthodox Judaism than is seen in the headlines or in TV and movies, Jew in the City shares a Judaism and profiles of Jews that are authentic and rarely seen.

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  • Avatar photo Kris says on July 9, 2017

    The Pennsylvania incident there were several people in several different counties ranging from barely $200 to maybe $10,000. 68 people considering the population of the state isn’t that many. 26 in Lakewood isn’t a very large percent, but it’s higher percent than the pennsylvania incident. I don’t think it mentioned anyone making six figures a year or more. And the reports didn’t mention a link among the accused. I don’t think it’s necessarily because they are Jewish but the world expects people who believe in God and practice a religion not to do wrong things.


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