These 6 Steps Will Help Your Makeup Last During Yom Tov

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Because there is a prohibition to color on Shabbos and Yom Tov and not everyone uses Shabbos makeup, many women are left wondering, “How do I make my makeup last longer?” We spoke to Shaindy Kelman, biochemist, esthetician and founder of Shaindel Cosmetics, who said “The trick to having your makeup stay on is to apply it with a bit more care.” Here are her top six steps to having a fresh and beautiful face during Shabbos and a two (or more!) day Yom Tov.


1. LONG-LASTING LIPSTICK – Long lasting lipstick can last a whole Shabbos if applied with these tips in mind.
a – Apply using thin coats, until full opacity is reached. Don’t let the layers dry in between coats, but know when to stop. If too many layers are applied, it can peel off.
b – Grease can break down the formula, so enjoy your blintzes or chicken soup, but try not to let your lips close tightly on the fork or spoon. (In other words, avoid oily substances).


2. LIQUID EYELINER A really good liquid eyeliner can last for two days easily. (It would also be helpful not to sleep face-down into your pillow!)
a – Apply it using short strokes as close to the lash line as possible.
b – Try to close your eyes for a minute to let it set- this is especially helpful if you have hooded eyelids.


3. LONG-LASTING EYESHADOW – With a primed surface, layered eyeshadow can stay on all day, night, and day again.
a –  First, apply eyelid primer/base and then use cream eyeshadow.

b – Once it sets, create your eye look (lid color, contour/crease and highlight) with mineral eyeshadows and waterproof mascara. A classic look is to use the darkest color in the crease, a shimmery light color on the lid, and a matte highlighter under the brow.


4. PRIMER – Maximize the wear-time of face products by starting with primer, then use liquid or cream base. This may seem like an extra, unnecessary step when the clock is ticking before Yom Tov comes in, but it will make all the difference.


5. CHEEKS – The best way to extend the life of your bronzer, blush and highlighter is to start with a cream version of a cheek product, then top it with the powder product. Highlighters and bronzers are useful all year round to create contour and just the right amount of shine.


6. SET IT AND FORGET IT! – Finally, set your face with finishing powder and set with a setting spray.



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