Joshua Malina, Jewish Scandal Star, Balances Religion and Working in Hollywood & Other Orthodox Jews in the News


Chabad Rabbis in Africa Find Spiritual Fulfillment and Crime

These atypical Chabad shluchim are transforming Africa with kosher food, mikvah, Jewish communal life and Shabbos observance. What started out as a mission to help the Israelis who moved there to aid Africans has become much more.

The Ultra-Orthodox Jews Combining Tech and the Torah

On the contrary to the perceived notion that Ultra-Orthodox Jews shun technology, these Israeli Haredim are changing the face of the technology industry, and finding great success with their efforts.

Learning and Earning: Hasidic Brooklyn’s Real Estate Machers

It’s no secret that Orthodox Jews have been successful in the New York real estate market. This industry-insider look at how it is growing provides further insight.

Jewish Scandal Star Says He Remains True to Religious Ritual Despite Scheduling Conflicts

Joshua Malina is a Hollywood star thanks to The West Wing, but his Jewish observance has meant more to him than certain opportunities, which he gave up for the sake of his faith.

Film Review: Through the Wall

Fill The Void touched the hearts of international audiences three years ago, with its poignant and nuanced portrayal of Haredi life in Israel. Baalas Teshuva director Rama Burshtein’s follow-up effort is similarly touching and enjoyable, despite a different subject and tone.

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