Big Bang Theory Star, Mayim Bialik, Explains Being Orthodox in Hollywood & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Why Is This Matzo Different From All Other Matzos? – An article about shmura matzah in the New York Times that delves into an “unintended” side effect of kosher law: better tasting food.

Bialik: Tough To Be Shomer Shabbat In Hollywood – Hollywood actress, and friend of Jew in the City, Mayim Bialik, reveals what its like to be an Orthodox Jew in the decidedly irreligious television and movie industry.

Celebrating Passover, With All the Comforts of a Resort – Jew in the City got its first mention in the New York Times! In the last couple years, there have been some very negative articles written about Passover programs. That’s not to say that we as a community cannot both be more mindful of where we spend our money and of the excess that exists on some programs, but wealthy people in every community take nice vacations. Not everything we said made it into the article and not everything that was said was written as it was said, but we got to explain that for many, Passover programs are a way for extended family to get together and that with many homes where there are two working parents, going away for the holiday helps relieve the pressure of preparation which often falls more on the wife.

When Witnesses Agree 100%, They’re Probably Wrong – Statisticians discover a “new way of looking at evidence” what a ‘quirk’ in the ancient Jewish court system knew long ago – that if every single judge on the panel for a capital case found the defendant guilty, he was free to go

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