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"Jewish Women...Dirrty?" Episode 5

“Jewish Women…Dirrty?” Episode 5


Do Orthodox Jews consider women dirty during their monthly cycle? Watch this video to find out.




  1. So timely! I was reading up on the concepts of Nidah and the Mikvah. Did you read my mind??

  2. Ok, I know I am going to sound repetitive, but I love your work! Have a good Shabbos!

  3. Your title is a bit misleading but the video was very intelligently put together, I loved it!
    Niddah & mikvah is tough but it pays off. You’re right it does renew the spark each month, separation is healthy sometimes.

  4. I agree that the separation during this time helps the couple to refresh their marriage and bring back the spark

  5. I get the mikvah thing, but one of the most cherished gifts of being married is the non-sexual intimacy you get. During your non- touching time….What if you have a hard day and come home in tears? Hubby can’t hold you while you cry it out! He can’t kiss you goodnight or before you leave on a 5 day business trip. He can’t snuggle while catch up on the news. He can’t hold your hand while you get a tetanus shot. He can’t wrap himself around you to keep you warm on a snowy night. The list goes on and on. Those things would break my heart. Those are the moments that make a marriage delicious from day to day.

    • Allison Josephs Allison Josephs : November 10, 2013 at 10:34 pm

      Thanks for your comment, Arl. As someone who’s been married for over 13 years, I hear what you’re saying. So you should first note that when you’re pregnant or nursing (with no period) then there’s no issue with touching. So many couples, in their child bearing years, have lots of uninterrupted touching because of that. Also, there is no issue with touching during menopause.

      However, there is still lots of marital life where half the month is no touching and yes, it is a challenge, and yes, there are things you lose. BUT, you learn to comfort with your words and learn to connect with your eyes. AND – while those moments you describe may make marriage “delicious from day to day” – for marriage to have the stamina to be “delicious” and exciting for years and years there is NOTHING like having the one you love become forbidden to you every single month.

      So there are tradeoffs but I believe wait you gain far outweighs what you lose…

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