This Hasidic Mom Biked 50 Miles To Help Sick Kids

While Hasidic women are commonly seen pushing children filled strollers, some of them, like Chumi Borenstein, push themselves to great heights on bikes to help sick children in need. Bike 4 Chai, perhaps the biggest biking fundraiser in the Tri-State Area, is taking place today and tomorrow, raising millions of dollars and increased awareness for […]

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Six Hot Modest Trends From Europe’s Couture Fall Fashion Shows

Even in the heat of summer, fashionistas are gearing up for cooler temps, as stylish fall couture fashion displays are sweeping across France and Italy. With so many different high-necked and long-hemmed styles, tznius keepers have so much to enjoy. Haute couture’s Fall 2018 gorgeous modest eye-candy provides plenty of inspiration from head to toe. […]

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Can We Dress Less Modestly Because Our Society Does?

Hey Jew in the City- I’ve heard people say that modesty is just for a specific time and place, i.e., based on the times you’re living in. If that’s true, why do we still have to follow it? Best, Madison Dear Madison- Thanks for your question. I would say that “time and place” thing works […]

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Why Do Orthodox Jews Wear Black?

Dear JITC- Why do Orthodox Jews wear black? Sincerely, Rosie Dear Rosie- The short answer to your question is this. Now, I would love to link to that and be done but, unfortunately, while Allison is cool enough to let me include it, she’s not cool enough to let that be my answer in its […]

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