How Modesty Became Fashion’s Hot Trend & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

As Sex Ceases to Sell, Modesty Has Its Fashion Moment
The style is as old as Adam and Eve, but it’s newly cool. Runways this year were full of more-covered-up options far removed from stereotypically dowdy looks. Valentino SpA and the Row have led the way with luxurious fabrics and designs so ornate and layered as to feel gluttonous—demure, yet over the top.

Lenny Dykstra Reveals His New Life as an Amateur Torah Scholar
A rabbi and Lenny Dykstra walk into an East Side wine shop . . .In fact, it happens nearly every Wednesday afternoon, as the bad-boy former Met attends Torah study in the basement of Ambassador Wines shop, where Rabbi Shmuel Metzger leads a group over red wine and kosher pizza.

Celebrating Covering My Hair
I’d be wearing the headscarf immediately following the wedding. I decided during my Orthodox conversion process that as a married woman I’d be covering my hair.

Why This Orthodox Jewish Woman is Taking on the Comments Section
In 2007, New York City resident Allison Josephs launched Jew in the City, a webpage dedicated to informing others about Orthodox Jewish principles and dispelling myths about the community. In a way, it is a model for Bertram’s local effort. Josephs remains motivated by her belief that all human beings have a lot in common.

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